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Online Course

The Smokenders Online course consists of:

* 7 weekly video tutorial sessions, each lasting about an hour

* A downloadable Smokenders Online Manual which is used as a workbook and reference

* Online Reference Materials A library of reference information on smoking and nicotine.

* Online Student Forumwhere you may interact with other students at the same level of quitting.

* Weekly “Action Steps”, for habit modification, which take about 10 minutes per day to follow. There are more than 130 action steps over 7 weeks for you to use to break through and take back control from the smoking habit

* Daily support and instructional emails during the course. Each day, you will get a message to reinforce the action steps and lessons that you are working on at that particular time.

* A 1-800 support line where you can speak to a counselor who is a Smokenders Graduate

* A Smokenders Profile database for tracking your progress and to provide you with a summary of your achievements at graduation. THis is your private information and will never be sold or otherwise distributed to any third party.



You can take a video tour of the course Menu system here: