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Stage 3: Making The Commitment

So, you make the personal commitment.

You sign up for the course with the commitment that “nothing in your life will be more important than quitting smoking - over the next 7 weeks!”


The Smokenders Online course will help you evaluate your own personal smoking habits, how to recognize, “re-pattern” and get control over all of the various smoking linkages and triggers in your life.

Continue To Smoke

While you will be required to continue to smoke, as much as you want, for 4 more weeks, the base level of nicotine in your system will be reduced to a point that the actual act of quitting will be very easy!

No Patches or Drugs

You will be pleased to know that the Smokenders Online program employs no patches or drugs or other aids and that you will not be subjected to any physical side effects that are so prevalent with these chemicals. The program is purely natural!

Then, after just 7 weeks, you will graduate from the Smokenders Online program free from smoking forever!





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