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The Lifestyle Benefits of Quitting are Endless

Over the past several decades, as the health risks of smoking have come more and more to the front, our society has come to frown on smoke to the point that smoking is now forbidden in many, if not most, restaurants and public places.


As a result, smokers feel increasingly isolated and downtrodden. Having to huddle outside of doorways and other inconvenient places, smokers always find a place where they can enjoy their cigarettes.

The subject of second hand smoke has been increasingly in the news and in our consciousness. It is simply not fair to children to have to live in a smoky environment. Their lungs are at risk, even though there is little that they can do about the smoke.


Smoking is such a dirty habit! Your clothes, your home, your automobile and your office all bear the odors of a smoker and those with whom a smoker lives are forced to live with the ashes, burns, and odors resulting from tobacco smoking.

Your new lifestyle as a non-smoker will be a welcome change in your life and in the lives of your friends and family!