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Smokenders Classroom Program

Founded in 1969 by Jacqueline Rogers, the Smokenders program has been taught in thousands of hotel and corporate meeting rooms around the world. From the 1970’s through the 1990’s the course was advertised and conducted in large cities across the U.S. at a cost per student ranging from $325 to $650.

When the cost to advertise, book meeting rooms and to pay moderators became too, high, this business model became inefficient. At that time, the program was sold to a very large HMO for the use of their members.

"Quit Kit" Course

Later, by popular demand, the course was condensed into a program of 7 audio CD’s and distributed as the “Smokenders Quit Kit”, which has been very successful over the years.

Smokenders Online

With the availability of the Internet to bring both audio and video to the masses, the Smokenders course was migrated to become “Smokenders Online”. It’s the same, great program material, but more accessible than ever before!

One thing has been very constant in Smokenders! Jacqueline Rogers always insisted that the program only be taught by ex-smokers who have graduated from the program. That remains true today. After all, how could an instructor identify with the student if he or she has not ‘been there”? We have difficulty with smoking cessation instructors who have never smoked.

To date, more than a million ex-smokers have graduated from the Smokenders course!