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Smokenders Online Guarantee

We are so confident in your ability to quit smoking forever by using the Smokenders Online course that we offer the following Guarantee:

1. To be successful, students entering the Smokenders Online program must be fully committed to quitting smoking. After you complete the course and graduate, should you relapse into smoking within 2 years, you will be entitled to repeat the course, as many times as necessary, free of charge. Should you relapse a second time, your entire course fee will be fully refunded to you - no questions asked! You do your part in following the course instructions and Smokenders Online will ensure that you quit smoking!

2. Experience shows that, once a person learns how to quit and graduates from the Smokenders Online course, they rarely relapse, but should this occur, recovering from such a relapse is much simpler and far less complicated than learning to quit the first time.




Now that we have taken away the risk of failure from quitting smoking, why not get started with Smokenders Online today? Simply click this button to begin to quit smoking - forever!