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Tired of Empty Promises to Stop Smoking with Quick Fixes That Don't Work?

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To Erase Your Desire To Smoke

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In Cold Spring, Kentucky in January of 1981, a firefighter became trapped in the smoke filled basement of a burning fast food restaurant while attempting to fight a rampaging fire.

As the low air warning bell on his air supply tank rang, he knew that the end was near. Just in time, his fellow firemen dragged him out of his entrapment and to the fresh air of the restaurant parking lot.

As he was coughing and spewing to rid his lungs of the smoke that he had ingested, he suddenly had an urge for a cigarette! A 3 pack per day smoker, the firefighter demanded that the EMT’s wait to give him oxygen until he could have a cigarette! Only then would he go to the hospital for treatment.

It took such a traumatic situation for him to realize for the first time, just how much control his smoking habit had over him!

He resolved to find a way to wrestle control of his life back from the habit that had taken over so many aspects of his life.

If you feel like smoking controls your life sometimes, I can relate! Because, that firefighter was me!

To Smokers Who Want To Quit But Don't Know How

Having tried to quit on several occasions, I had been able to quit for a few days or weeks, but each time had given in to the cravings and urges and had returned to my old ways.

After failing at this so many times, I had resolved to myself that it just wasn’t something that I could do – so I continued to smoke. It was easy since many of my buddies also smoked.

My family and friends were always on my back about my smoking and, surely, I had seen and read about all of the health consequences of smoking, but I determined that I was invulnerable to them.

Having failed at quitting, I rationalized a whole list of excuses to justify continuing to smoke! I convinced myself that smoking was my business and nobody else’s.

My life was a mess! I had not intended for things to work out this way, but my 1 pack per day habit just got worse and worse and, before long, I was smoking over 3 packs per day!

I lit a cigarette as soon as my feet hit the floor each morning and I extinguished my last smoke of the day just before pulling up the covers at night. I didn’t realize how much control those cigarettes had over so many aspects of my life!

It seemed like my car wouldn’t start unless I had first lit a cigarette! I couldn’t drink a cup of coffee or a beer without having a cigarette in my other hand! Every time something unexpected came up, a cigarette was the first thing I had to have.

As a smoker, I bet you know those feelings, too!

Don Seibert

Shortly after my hospital experience, I then signed up for a Smokenders workshop and, well, here I am, 31 years later, and I have never wanted a cigarette since I learned “How to Quit”.

But the happy ending to my story could turn out to be a major benefit to you!

How Do You Take Back Control of Your Life From Smoking?

You know how it feels to fail at quitting – You probably have done that. You need to know the precise steps to take right now to get rid of cigarettes from your life once and for all.

Fortunately, the solution to the problem is really quite simple! If you understand how to apply just a few basic steps, you can greatly improve your chances of quitting smoking for good, even if:

* You have to have a smoke with food, caffeine or alcohol

* You smoke whenever you are in a stressful situation

* You smoke whenever you drive the car or watch TV

* Your best friends smoke and you don’t want to feel left out

* You smoke a lot of cigarettes that you don’t even remember lighting up!

Does any of that sound familiar?

Since you’re reading this, I can guess that some time ago, you may have lost your excitement for cigarettes. Most smokers start smoking to appear older or to be like their friends. Well, you are older now and those friends are probably grown up, too!

You are missing the healthy feelings associated with breathing easily, tasting food, and smelling fresh aromas and fragrances. You are tired of the hacking, coughing and the frequency of colds.

You are really getting tired of that foul cigarette taste in your mouth and the bad breath that goes with it. You want to be able to talk to people up close and personal without your breath getting in the way.

Or, perhaps you thought that everybody had adjusted nicely to your smoking and then were shocked to learn just how much they did not enjoy your company or the smell of smoke that surrounds you.

Fortunately, there’s a way for you to use a system that has worked very well for more than a million smokers over the last 40 years, not only helping them quit, but ensuring them a permanent, smoke free life!

You can reduce Your cigarette consumption by as much as 20% in just 7 days! Free!

That's right! you can cut down on your cigarettes without any pain or discomfort just by downloading this free Smoker's tool. To download the Free Gift, Click Here

To Quit Smoking Permanently What Exactly Do You Have To Do?

Since 1969, the Smokenders™ course has been taught to smokers all over the world. More than a million people have learned how to quit smoking permanently through the program and they have done so with the use of any “crutches” like patches, gums, drugs, acupuncture or hypnosis!

We have discovered that, with our program, people not only quit smoking, but they also regain the self-confidence and emotional well-being that result from achieving such a positive result in their life! Overcoming the smoking habit is a major accomplishment and this translates to success in other parts of their lives!

Are you desperately trying to quit, but really have never learned “How to Quit”?

If you say yes, there are two deceptively simple rules that you should know. Whatever you do:

1. Don’t make the smoking problem worse by getting in the quit/relapse/quit/relapse repeating cycle.

After several failed attempts, this only makes you more resigned that you can't quit.

2. Do what it takes to quit smoking permanently.

Until now, you haven't had an effective approach to do this that really works. That's where Smokenders Online comes in.

Smokers don’t immediately realize the powerful effect that a failed attempt to quit smoking has. And, they have never really taken the time to learn how to effectively quit smoking. Instead, they opt for one of the "Quick Fix" therapies that don't really work.

The Smokenders program can show you why so many people fail and how you can ‘break free’ from smoking, once and for all.

Once you REALLY understand and apply these principles, then you have a greatly improved opportunity to quit smoking forever!

The biggest problem is that smokers develop the habit, little by little, over time and they don’t really understand all of the aspects of smoking – the addiction to nicotine, the psychological linkages as well as the behavioral or habitual triggers which keep you smoking.

Stop Smoking …. Start Breathing Free

The Quit Smoking Pyramid

In a nutshell, the diagram below shows our plan to quit smoking, resolve the linkages to food, caffeine and alcohol and replace the smoking associated habits with new, positive actions.

Starting from the bottom of the pyramid, the steps we teach you are:

1. Reduce the residual level of nicotine in your body

2. Disconnect the linkages between cigarettes and food, caffeine and alcohol

3. Learn to recognize the events and circumstances in your life which trigger smoking

4. Learn how to “re-pattern” your reaction to these triggers.

5. Learn how to break free from cigarettes, once and for all.

This exact formula has worked for over a million smokers to date and has been the reason for the many, many testimonials that we have received from grateful ex-smokers over the years. To view a small sample of our testimonials, Click Here


Simple Path to Quitting Smoking Permanently

After you’ve followed the course instructions for quitting smoking, you’ll be ready to breathe free and enjoy life without even thinking about cigarettes any more!

Small Steps are Your Key to Quitting

Here’s Why This Can Work For You

No matter how distant or improbable quitting the smoking habit may seem to you, I have seen many, many cases where smokers had tried quitting so many times that they had given up hope.

And yet, with the help of the Smokenders Online course, they have been able to successfully quit smoking and began living like the non-smoker that they once were!

How did that happen? Here's an example will help you understand.

Remember when you were learning to drive? Everything seemed so overwhelming to you, right? You had to learn to do several things at once – how to steer the car, how to use the mirrors, how to park, etc.

But after you gained some experience, everything became habits that you didn’t have to think about. Now, perhaps you drive while sipping on a bottle of water, listening to the GPS and telling the kids on the back seat to behave. All at the same time!

Your driving has become habitual and automatic. In fact, on your way to work, you’re probably not even consciously aware of how many times you used your mirrors, changed lanes or used your turn signal.

This is similar to where you are in your smoking experience. You may not be consciously aware of all the triggers that make you reach for a cigarette—finishing a meal, watching television, getting stressed at work, etc. You may not even remember how many cigarettes you smoked in the last hour!

Why? Because the events that provoke your craving for a cigarette and your response have become unconscious habits that you no longer notice. Do you see how this behavior has become as habitual as driving your car?

Now imagine that you go on a business trip to a foreign country where the driving is on the opposite side of the road (left instead of right, or vice versa). While you are driving to an important meeting, you must navigate unfamiliar streets with unfamiliar street signs.

In addition, the rental car GPS is programmed in French, which you don’t understand, and you’re not following what your traveling companion is telling you.

Again, you feel overwhelmed! This time, your familiar habits are no longer working for you, you can’t deal with all of this stress at once, and you pull over and call a taxi.

This is similar to your experience in trying to quit smoking. Whether you go cold turkey or try one of the ineffective quick-fixes to stop smoking, your mountain of ingrained smoking habits proves to be too much to overcome as you try to adjust to the new behavior of quitting. You admit defeat and start smoking again.

Alternate approaches do not address eliminating the psychological triggers that make you reach for a cigarette.

Smokenders Online will teach you how to succeed by using small steps and working on the various aspects of smoking, one at a time – step by step.

Progress using small steps is believable, because you eliminate the triggers one by one. Therefore, you start to believe how permanently quitting smoking is achievable – because taking small steps is much easier than one huge step!

Cathy's Story
I graduated from Smokenders on December 16th, 1981, a day I will never forget. I never thought I would be able to live without my “Best Friend”, to function in everyday life situations without a cigarette. Quitting smoking through Smokenders was such a positive experience. No climbing the walls, no cold turkey. Increased energy and many, many years of good health!

But most importantly, quitting and being able to remain a comfortable and relaxed non-smoker has been the greatest reward for me. Thank you Smokenders for changing my life.

Mrs. C. L. Washington, D.C.

Here’s the Smokenders Online Method in Action

Each smoker has a different set of events, habits or circumstances in their lives (which we call “Triggers”) which cause quitters to relapse after they give up cigarettes. If you have failed at quitting before, one of the triggers, or a linkage to food, caffeine or alcohol likely tripped up your quitting effort. We have all been there and most smokers have been there several times!

In Smokenders Online, we teach you how to identify your specific triggers and linkages and to learn techniques and habits to conquer them. All of this is done BEFORE you actually quit smoking! This is why we ask that you continue to smoke for the first 28 days of the program.

The Smokenders Online program is not here to preach to you about the bad things about smoking or to attempt to scare you into quitting by fear! That would be counterproductive. We focus on overcoming the smoking habit, little by little, one issue at a time. This makes for a lasting solution.

The Smokenders Online course consists of seven one hour video tutorials that you watch via the Internet from the comfort of your home, office, or Internet café. You watch one video each week and in conjunction with these, you are instructed to apply 8-10 “Action Steps” each week to begin to break the old habits and to form new ones. Doing these Action Steps takes about 10 minutes per day.

After the fourth video lesson, on the 29th day of training, you actually quit smoking quite easily and then the remaining 3 weeks of training serve to support and to reinforce your newly learned habits and techniques. At the end of seven weeks, you graduate to a life of breathing free and thinking as you did before you began to smoke – like a non-smoker!

It’s a step by step method and it’s really that simple! Are you ready to take the next step toward becoming a non-smoker once again? The section below will guide you in getting started.

Here’s How to Get Started

Before All Hope is Gone

The Smokenders Online course is proven to work! Once conducted in classroom and hotel seminar venues all over the world, the exact same course material, refined over 40 years, is now available to you via the Internet at a cost of less than half of what was charged in the past. The course costs only $297 and a one pack per day smoker will recover the entire cost within 8 or 9 days of graduation!

At Smokenders Online, we offer this 100% Quit Smoking Guarantee: Purchase and take the course to completion and, should you relapse to smoking anytime with 2 years, you may re-take the course as much as you like or, failing that, we will refund your entire course fee.

If you are serious about quitting smoking, there’s really no reason not to learn “How to Quit” the proven, Smokenders Online way!

Don’t Waste Your Time & Money on

Trial and Error “Quick Fix” attempts to

Quit Smoking

You have tried those other Quick Fix therapies and are in the quit/relapse recurring cycle. Put a stop to that right now! Do what really works and take action IMMEDIATELY to rid yourself of cigarettes forever.


With Smokenders Online, You Will Learn:

1. How to comfortably eliminate your nicotine addiction

2. How to break the linkages between cigarettes and food, caffeine & Alcohol

3. How to identify the smoking triggers in your life

4. How to break the habits surrounding your smoking

5. How to control your remaining urges and cravings

6. How to successfully quit smoking without gaining weight

7. How to regain your senses of taste and smell

8. How to help your body recover from the damage caused by smoking

9. How much the rest of your life benefits from this major achievement

But Really...

What Can You Expect To Happen?

We’ve see so many of our graduates improve their lives, regain self esteem and self-confidence through overcoming their smoking habit. This has happened because:

• By learning and implementing these techniques on a step by step basis, they become second nature

• Because you actually Learn How to Quit with Smokenders Online, it is lasting

• You’ll learn what not to do in order to avoid smoking cravings and urges in the future. This leads to a lasting solution.

By stopping doing those things that don’t work and start doing what does work, you will overcome one of the most addictive habits known to man and your self-confidence will build accordingly!

However, Smokenders Online

May NOT Be For You If...

• You’re stuck rationalizing and justifying your smoking because you consider yourself impervious to health risks and social pressures.

• You don’t believe that the smoking habit contains psychological or habitual elements and you would rather use a patch, gum or drug because they are medicinal (even though they have been proven ineffective).

• You are not interested in major, life-changing achievements and their effects on your life.

• You are not ready to make a serious commitment to learn “How to Quit”, once and for all.

For real transformation to happen, you must be willing to reach deeply inside yourself with honesty and commitment.


Enjoy These Smokenders Online Features

• Each day during the Smokenders Online course, you will receive an email from us that supports your efforts! The message content was developed specifically to help you address the specific issues that you are working on at that point in the course and it’s tied to your daily Action Steps.

• You will have access via a 1-800 support line, to speak with a Smokenders Online counselor who is a graduate of the course. He/She will assist you with any issues that you may encounter!

• Included with the course is a Smokenders Online student forum at which you can interact with other students who are at the same level of the course as you.

Your Order is Secure

When you click on the button below, you’ll be taken to a secure order processing page. We use a third party secure processing company, Wells Fargo Merchant Services, so that your order information is kept completely confidential – only the processing company and your credit card company access the information.

Your order is processed immediately, and you’ll receive a receipt for your purchase via email. Then, you’ll be directed to a secure page where your online course registration is completed.

That way, you will have instant access to the proven & copyrighted course materials. This is the same material that more than a million graduates have used – but at a fraction of the cost. By ordering now, you can start the process of quitting smoking immediately!

Why Choose Smokenders Online?

Smokenders Patches/NRT Drugs Cold Turkey
Program Cost $ 297 $ 353 $ 786 - 0 -
Nicotine tick tick tick cross
Psychological Issues tick cross cross cross
Sociological Habits tick cross cross cross
No Drug Side Effects tick cross cross cross
100% Guaranteed tick cross cross cross
* The costs shown for patches & drugs are from the USPHS clinical guidelines of 2008 - may be somewhat higher in 2012

Why not get started today? You can begin the course in the next 10 minutes - right here on your computer! At $297 with a quick payback, there's no reason to delay. Simply click this button to register for the course now...

You have no risk, nothing to lose, and everything to gain


The Smokenders Online Guarantee


After you complete the course and graduate, should you relapse into smoking within 2 years, you will be entitled to repeat the course, as many times as necessary, free of charge. Should you relapse a second time, your entire course fee will be fully refunded to you - no questions asked! You do your part in following the course instructions and Smokenders Online will ensure that you quit smoking!

So, quit teasing yourself with Quit Smoking programs that make all sorts of "Quick Fix" promises and cannot back it up. Go with the proven Smokenders Online course and be done with smoking for good. If you are REALLY SINCERE ABOUT QUITTING SMOKING, why not click the button below? You will be glad you did!

Wishing you a healthy life.

Don Seibert

P.S. Don’t forget that over one million of our graduates since 19XX have quit smoking without any desire to smoke again. I’m so confident that you can do this, too, that I’ve offering a money-back guarantee. Take action now for a healthy, smoke-free life.