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The Founders of Smokenders Online

Don Seibert began smoking at age 19, while serving in the U.S. Coast Guard. He smoked for 17 years, finally smoking over 3 packs per day before taking the Smokenders class. Since quitting in 1981, Don has not thought about smoking very much and, like most Smokenders graduates, he has never even wanted a cigarette since graduation! Don has had a successful career in IT and Marketing over the years.

In his retirement, Don's daughter, Jennifer Ossege raised the subject of Smokenders to him and suggested that the course should be made available over the Internet. Don and Jennifer founded Smokenders Online, LLC for the purpose of bringing the proven Smokenders course to the masses through online video tutorials.

The original Smokenders course materials were licensed and presented in such a way to maintain all of the proven and copyrighted tools and techniques that has made Smokenders so successful over the years.



Don Seibert

Jennifer Ossege