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The Financial Benefits of Quitting Smoking

The economics of smoking are so that, when you quit smoking, there is quite a financial benefit to be gained!

A one pack per day smoker, at $6-$8 per pack, can easily spend several thousands of dollars each year on just their direct cigarette cost.

Additionally, smokers always have to pay more for insurance of all kinds and smokers spend 50% more days in the hospital over the course of their lives, as compared to non-smokers!

Economic Gains

Few people quit simply for financial gains, but, if you watch it very closely as you quit, you will definitely find dramatic improvements in your family’s cashflow! Over time, this can really add up. So, as you quit, begin planning how you will best use this newfound wealth!

Perhaps, you can save it for the college education of your children or perhaps you have your eye on a new car or a family vacation that you have been putting off. Your happy thoughts about this will soon replace the worries of being a smoker!

Savings Program:

Save for a great cause like college for your kids, a new car or just use the money to improve your family's cashflow. It's fun and it costs you nothing!