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Stage 1. - Don't Quit

In the “Don’t Quit” stage, you are really looking for reasons not to try to quit! To further justify your smoking, to rationalize your smoking habit. This stage is your real turning point. Here is where you come to grips with the fact that, logically, there is not a single valid reason to continue smoking. In fact, smoking can never reasonably be justified or rationalized.

So, you begin to evaluate the alternatives that are available to you. You want a quick fix; something that is easy, cheap and comfortable. You would like to quit in one day and just be done with it, but you know it is just not that simple. You have developed the smoking habit and dependency over years and it just cannot be set aside in a single day – for lots of reasons.

You know that it’s really more than just the nicotine addiction. No, there are many other factors involved. Like the way that cigarettes are linked to food, soft drinks and alcohol. Or, how a cigarette is just ‘required’ in certain stressful situations. Or, how you are fearful of offending your friends who smoke.

You have tried using nicotine patches or gum or maybe your doctor prescribed a drug to help you quit. But then you learn that, after trying them, that those things only work about 15 to 20% of the time. In fact, after you have tried to quit 4 or 5 times, you become fearful of failing again.



(Note: At Smokenders, we also suggest that you “Don’t Quit”! At least not until you have learned how to handle all of the linkages and triggers that you will surely face after quitting! To attempt to quit without learning this is like taking a shower with your clothes on. You will not get clean!)


You may have come to the conclusion that you cannot quit, but something tells you to continue on to find a good solution to the problem. You have kept searching until you arrive at the decision point - Stage 2.