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Decision To Quit

From smoking to smoke free, here is how the quitting process evolves for most smokers.

A smoker’s story. Is this YOUR STORY?

As a smoker, you live a life controlled to some degree by your smoking habit. You have established a shield against all of the health warnings about cancer, lung diseases, and heart ailments by saying to yourself, “That happens to others, but not to me!”

Things You Put Up With

You continue to put up with all of the inconveniences like having to go outside to a smoking area at work and being unable to smoke in restaurants and other public places. You even justify to your family that, “I need my cigarettes to be able to relax!”

You might routinely buy cigarettes by the pack rather than the carton because you “don’t want to be THAT committed to smoking!” You put up with the cough and your susceptibility to colds and other respiratory issues and the longer you smoke, the more difficult it seems to be getting to climb those stairs at work.

A Puff Away From A Pack Per Day

You have secretly thought about how nice it would be if you quit! In fact, you may have even quietly put up the smokes for a day or two – or maybe even a week! But then, some pressure at work or a lonely time in the car and you think, “Why not have just 1 cigarette? It won’t hurt!” But, you can’t have just one cigarette, and before you know it, you are back to a pack a day.

You have tried to quit smoking on several occasions, but it is just too difficult. You would like to quit smoking, for lots of reasons, but the cigarette has become your “best friend” who is with you in times of stress and difficulty. It is really hard to quit!

A Complex Habit

Most smokers have the same or similar experiences. You know how complex the smoking habit can be. It’s not just about your body’s need for nicotine, is it? It’s about how you depend on cigarettes, consciously or unconsciously, throughout each day. The thought of not having them at certain times is just very difficult to comprehend. But you know, in your heart of hearts, that you have relinquished control over your life to the smoking habit.

In spite of all of the reasons that you have heard, you know that you really ought to quit, but don’t know exactly why you have this desire.

Social Pressures

Your family and friends are hounding you about your smoking, but you know that it takes a PERSONAL commitment for a person to be able to quit.

Nobody has ever been successful at quitting smoking simply because someone else wanted them to quit!

But, you decide to look into quitting smoking anyway, but you are not really serious about it in the beginning.

You have just entered stage 1 of quitting smoking. Click here to go to Stage 1 - Don't Quit.





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