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Corporate & Group Programs

The cost and productivity savings gained by incorporating a proven smoking cessation program have been well documented. By reducing lost days from illness and lost time from smoking breaks, any group can realize tremendous savings and overall health benefits, not only for the smokers, but also for other employees, too!

Companies, organizations and insurance companies can contract with Smokenders Online to provide the course to their employees, members or insured persons under the blanket discount to any large group. In some cases, the course maybe physically taught on site to large groups or each person can take the course on their own under the blanket agreement.

Some of the GreatBenefits are:

Great Savings for the Company – The payback to employers on effective company sponsored smoking cessation is well known. The reduction in lost time and sick days begins to pay back almost immediately. 

Benefits for the Employee – The company or organization is performing a very valuable service for their people when they sponsor such a program

Benefits for Non-Smoking employees, too! – Just reducing the second hand smoke is major, but everybody benefits when productivity improves.

Reduced Insurance Costs – Both the employer and employee enjoy the savings in health insurance premiums.





For more information on corporate, group or insurance company programs, email sales@smokendersOnline.com or give us a call at 205-223-1982