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Stage2: Arriving At the Decision

You have come to the realization that the only way that you will be able to quit smoking successfully is to make a concentrated effort to delve into the smoking problem and to address all facets of smoking: From the nicotine addiction to the psychological factors to the behavioral habits associated with smoking.

You have learned that to try to quit smoking without handling these other things just doesn’t work! You also learn that, once you have regained control over these aspects of your life, that quitting smoking will be much less of a problem.

Learning "How" to Quit

But you know that you don’t yet have the knowledge of the intricacies of these psychological, behavioral and physical issues. You will need help. So, you research and find that you will require counseling to learn all about these things.

There are lots of programs offered all over the country. Some of these programs are very good. But then, how do you know that the people in your local community really know what they are talking about? How much success have they had? After all, there is no such thing as a “Doctor of Smoking Cessation”.

Smokenders Online

Thankfully, Smokenders Online is available to fill that need. You learn that you can take a full video tutorial course over the Internet, one hour per week for 7 weeks, practice some daily “action steps” and actually overcome smoking just like more than a million other smokers have done! What an amazing accomplishment that you can achieve! The guarantee offered by Smokenders Online gives you comfort that this program is for real and will solve your smoking problem for good.

And, you know that the decision to quit smoking is never really a financial decision. After all, at the cost of cigarettes today, whatever you spend to quit smoking is easily offset by the savings to be gained, isn’t it?

It's Time to Commit

You finally reach the decision point on quitting smoking. You have decided that the time has finally come to give it up, to regain control of your life and to be done with smoking habit forever. You sense that this personal accomplishment on your part will be a life changing experience for you.



When you have come to the actual decision to quit, the subject quickly becomes "Which method should I use to Quit?" This brief video might assist you with that choice:


Now, finally it's time to Make The Commitment"